Friday, June 16, 2017

My Project 1

My site is called Perfectly Pigs! It is a website about pigs that you can have for pets, on my site you can adopt a pig, see types of pigs, and even get outfits for your pig! I have descriptions for each pig up for adoption and have a large selection of outfits.

The purpose of my site is to make people laugh and be able to look at cute pigs. I think these little pigs are adorable and what better than to make outfits for them too? I described each pig so that viewers can see them as almost a little person and actually think of wanting one!

I like the way my final site came out, I think I did a good job keeping it organized and neat. It isn't cluttered and easy to access. I like how the pictures and text came out too and I think my color scheme goes well with pigs!

If I had more time to work I would have tried to add a changing photo gallery, I think the example looked really cool and its an easy way to keep space. It would have been a nice touch and I would've liked to learn it. I also would have liked to add more pages and think of more ideas that go with pigs for my page.

The parts that were challenging for me were getting pictures to work on the final site, I had to find new images a couple times because they wouldn't show up. I also had to work hard on getting the images to line up evenly and look neat. I enjoyed writing the descriptions it was very fun, although they did take a good amount of time.